I have had the pleasure of working with Andre Ringuette and his crew for close to 20 years. The quality of his work, his level of energy and enthusiasm, and his attention to detail put him at the head of the list when I seek photographers to shoot for our company.

It is extremely rare to find a photographer who exhibits his level professionalism and can provide quality images that are technically superior to others on a consistent day-in and day-out basis.

- Bruce Bennett - Director of Photography, Hockey Imagery - Getty Images



Although we are best known for our work in the world of action, we still apply many other genres of photography within our scope as sports photographers: Studio, Commercial, Event, Portrait… even Architecture.

Freestyle Photography has been in business for 25 years. Our true strength is the fact that we are a crew of 7 experienced photographers who work as a team to enhance coverage, or fit specific nuances to any assignment. Bottom line is: you can count on us.

I used to believe making great pictures was the most important aspect of being a photographer. Although that remains our goal today; I have also come to understand that the reason we have been trusted to cover so many prestigious events is that we always come through. Our work ethic, service and experience are guaranteed.





André Ringuette

Chief Photographer, Owner.
Graduated Cum Laude in Fine Arts – Photography at the University of Ottawa. Started as Official Photographer for the respective Athletics Departments at U of O and Carleton University. Selected as Team Canada’s Official Photographer for the 1995 Universiade in Fukuoka, Japan. Photos from this assignment drew the interest of TSN’s marketing department and covered NHL, CFL, NBA, MLB, PGA for them. Became house photographer for Corel Centre, eventually earning the title of Team Photographer of the Ottawa Senators. Subsequently found some of the best and hardest working photographers to include into the Freestyle Team.



Jana Chytilova

15+ years of pit bull work ethic. Or own personal Czech and Slovak translator when we are at IIHF events. Specialist of Hockey and Event Photography. Goaltender extraordinaire.

SOCHI, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 23: Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. (Photo by Andre Ringuette/HHOF-IIHF Images)

Francois Laplante

The first graduate ever to impress enough to be selected to our team right away. Now he leads the way with a unique creative flair with everything he shoots. Coolest and calmest dude ever. Cycling and Rally Car racing aficionado.


Andrea Cardin

What is a “Wedding Photographer” doing in our crew? When you see the quality of her work; hockey, event, portrait or otherwise, you’ll see why. Runs all of our IIHF World Championships. Queen of Ultimate and all around ROCK STAR.


Matt Zambonin

Started as Official Senators Gameday Fan Photographer (has the unique talent of making people comfortable in front of the camera). Now covers NHL and IIHF Word Championship game action as well as supplying Upper Deck with hockey card content. Poker Star in the making.


Minas Panagiotakis

Montreal based Getty Images Photographer we are fortunate to be able to call one of ours. One of the best in the business.


Steve Kingsman

From the UK, Steve is NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) trained and accredited. Soccer (err… Football) nut behind the lens or not.